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Cuba is a good compromise between beautiful beaches and colonial cities with historical sites, making it the most popular destination of Caribbean area for travelers who want an unforgettable cultural experience with a lot of sun and sand holiday.

Havana is the capital of Cuba, cultural, historical, and political center of Cuba, and the favorite destination for all travelers. Walking on the streets of Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage, you will discover The Plaza de Armas, a central gathering place for the city that offers a pleasant environment with shady benches and restaurants, cafes, and Colonial architecture. Visit the Palacio de los Capitanes or another attraction in Old Havana, the Cathedral, built in the XVIII century or the Plaza Vieja, or Palacio de Aldama.

In Old Havana there are numerous historical sites to discover. The Castillo del Morro, guarding the Bay of Havana that offers excellent views over Havana and the surroundings.

Cuban is a very specific spirit of life with live music wafts through the cobbled squares in old Havana, vintage cars and beautiful old Colonial buildings evoking a country frozen in the time.

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All around the island are the beach destination at the heart of Cuban tourism. Near Havana you will find Varadero place, a long beach of 22km on the Peninsula de Hicacos. This is not a typical Cuban life, but travelers can do easily excursions from Havana to Varadero. Other famous resort area are Cayo Coco, beaches near Holguin, and Cayo Santa Maria near Santa Clara with splendid white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Who want to see an another part of Cuba, must drive to the Valle of Vinales and the Parque Nacional Vinales in Pinar del Rio Province. This area is characterized by limestone hills and is a recognized UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The cities of Camaguey, Trinidad, or Santiago de Cuba are also unavoidable cities to visit.

If you prefer to explore Trinidad town an another UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be back in the time. The beautifully restored buildings and cobblestone streets in the city center imbue colonial feel. Much of the architecture dates from the 17th century when Trinidad prospered from both the sugar and slave trades.Today, Trinidad is one of Cuba’s most popular tourist towns. Visit Plaza Mayor, the Church of the Holy Trinity or the Church and Monastery of Saint Francis , the Museum of Colonial Architecture, the Casa de Aldeman Ortiz, and the Palacio Brunet, a grand home, built in 1812 and still featuring original frescoes and marble floors.

Cuba with more than 3,000 kilometers of coastline, much of them rimmed by fantastic beaches, coral reefs, turquoise waters and sublime islands is the bigger island of Caribbean, with as well superb diving and fishing sites.
In all case Cuba will offer you what you are looking for with all it diversity, you will fall in love with Cuba for sure as all the visitors of the island


Festival de la Trova Longina

January 8 to 13, 2019

This is a music festival held in Santa Clara. It is named after a well known trova song composed in 1918 by popular Cuban musician Manuel Corona. Corona was born in the Villa Clara Province, of which Santa Clara is the capital. One of the events of the festival is a walk from Santa Clara to the town of Caibarién to honor the composer’s birthplace. Trova is a style of music that was very popular in Cuba and there are many very famous Cuban songs written in this style that are known around the world, and still very much loved and remembered today.

Festival Internacional de Rap
The festival started in the 1990’s when hip hop and rap suddenly became very popular among Cuban youth. One of the reasons perhaps was that
26 July Celebrations
26 July Celebrations 26 July – Annual 26 July is the most important date on Cuba’s revolutionary calendar. Patriotic and revolutionary fervour grips the nation,
Santiago de Cuba Carnival
Santiago de Cuba Carnival July 21 to 27, Annual The Santiago de Cuba carnival is widely regarded as Cuba’s best, biggest, and most traditional. Apart
Festival del Caribe
Santiago de Cuba hosts this week-long festival that celebrates music and dance from all over the Caribbean area. Called by some the Festival del Caribe
Camaguey Carnival
Camaguey Carnival (San Juan Camagüeyano) June 24 – 29, Annual Much like the Trinidad carnival on the same dates, the Camaguey event starts on June
Trinidad Carnival
Trinidad Carnival (Fiestas San Juaneras) June 24 – 27 Annual Known locally as the Fiestas San Juaneras this party runs for 4 days every year
Festival Boleros de Oro
Venue: Mella and America theatres and UNEAC - HAVANA. The International Golden Boleros Festival celebrates the popular bolero genre of music. This genre has had
International Ernest Hemingway
This is a fishing tournament held off the coast from Havana, for the big needlefish species such as wahoo, marlin, and tuna whose natural habitat
Electroacoustic Music Festival
Previously known as the Varadero Spring Festival, the Electroacoustic Music Festival is now held at different venues in Old Havana. It is and international event
Festival Internacional de Poesia
A meeting ground for poets from every continent, the International Poetry Festival includes a number of activities, such as seminars, readings and exhibitions. The World
The annual Cubadisco is an excuse to show off Cuba's musical flair. Local musicians perform in different theatres and venues throughout Havana, prizes are awarded
May Day Celebrations
The parade begins at sunrise and culminates in each city in the Plaza de la Revolution.There are cultural and musical performances and leaders make speeches.People
Havana Biennial
The Havana Biennial is one of Cuba's, and in fact Latin America's, most important and inspirational art festivals. It draws participation from hundreds of contemporary
Old Havana: City in Movement
National and international dancers and dance companies perform in the squares, parks and museums of Old Havana colonial.
Trinidad Cross Procession
The Way of the Cross Procession is a religious tradition that passes through the spectacular colonial streets of Trinidad, on Cuba's south coast every year
Caribbean Dance Biennial
Dancers, choreographers, teachers and students from the Caribbean and other parts of the world meet during this event as a way of promoting dance in
Havana World Music Festival
A popular new music festival held in Havana each March and organised by the new rum label Black Tears by Vigia which is marketed at
Santiago Álvarez Memorial
This event comprises a documentary competition, and demonstrates Cuba's support for a film-making genre that depicts contemporary realities and gives a voice to independent journalists,
Memorial Guillermo Barreto
A percussion festival in the name of one of Cuba's greatest percussionists. Being a country of rhythms where every musician seems to be an accomplished
Festival del Habano
The is Cuba's most important festival for cigars. It attracts cigar lovers from all over the planet. The tendency over the last few years for
  • This month, we talk about : Havana Vedado


    Vedado  is a central business district and urban neighbourhood in the city of Havana, Cuba. Vedado is a more modern part of the city than the areas to the east, developed in the first half of the 20th century, during the Republic period. In 2016 it was described by one commentator as the city’s “most affluent” section. The main street running east to west is Calle 23, also known as “La Rampa”. The northern edge of the district is the waterfront seawall known as the Malecón, a famous and popular place for social gatherings in the city.