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21 June 2019

Siboney Beach

What to Bring on a Day at Siboney Beach

Santiago de Cuba is Cuba’s second largest city that is southeast of Havana. It is an important sea port and also has beautiful beaches that are worth visiting.

A beach that is a tourist favorite is Siboney Beach. It is a very authentic beach where you can enjoy its natural beauty with your family. The atmosphere along this beach is very unique because many locals live there. These locals and friendly and welcoming and will be more than willing to get to know you. Once you are in the water, you will be able to see the coral and fish in the water. When you want to get out of the city, Siboney Beach is the perfect place for you to visit.

Siboney Beach

Below are some items you should make sure to take with you when you visit Siboney Beach:


The climate in Santiago de Cuba is mostly stable with no significant dry or wet period. This means that the sun is always out on Siboney Beach. Most tourists come out to this beach to relax in the wonderful sunshine. You can sunbathe and enjoy some vitamin D, as long as you lather yourself in a thick layer of sunscreen.

A book

The topography that surrounds the beach is very lush and lovely. The wind blows at a moderate speed that will balance off the hot temperature. A lot of umbrellas and and loungers are on the beach that are available to rent. Most tourists bring a book along with them so that they can enjoy a peaceful day on the beach.

An empty stomach

There are many restaurants along Siboney Beach that serve everything you would dream of. Whatever it is you want to eat, from hamburgers, ice cream to the local Cuban foods, you will find in the myriad of restaurants that are located on this beach.

Some restaurants have servers that come out to the beach to visitors to take their order and then take it back to them so they can enjoy their meal on the beach instead of inside. A top rated café that tourists enjoy is also found alongside Siboney Beach, which serves coffee, tea, and many wonderful pastries.


Young couples or groups of friends usually bring hammocks to tie onto the trees that are along the beach. During your visit to Siboney Beach, you can sit in your hammock and look at the spectacular view. You can spend quality time with your friends or family or even by yourself on this beach because of it’s peace and quiet.

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