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31 January 2019

Tropicana Floor Show

Enjoy the show from a better angle, closer to the stage. Tropicana is to Havana the same as the Moulin Rouge to Paris. A must-see show! The calibers of its musicians and dancers, their unique choreographies, and the compelling ambiance of this place, have turned it into the crown jewel of Havana’s nightlife.

From the very moment of its grand opening, back in 1939, its outdoor presentations have captivated thousands of spectators. Sculptural dancers in feather costumes defying gravity, the rhythm of bongos, trumpets and more, are part of an amazing live music concert performed by Cuban artists that will make you jump out of your seat and dance the night away.

The music as the main protagonist will take you on a journey through all Cuban genres. From bolero to rumba and from son to guaguanco, mambo, salsa, and danzon; enjoy an unforgettable evening and visit one of the places where Celia Cruz once sang her usual “Aaazuuuucar!”

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