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13 February 2019

May Day Celebrations

May Day Celebrations

The 1st of May is a special day in Cuba. It’s when Cuba honours workers of all classes and occupations, celebrates it’s socialism, and national pride. The parade begins at sunrise and culminates in each city in the Plaza de la Revolution. There are cultural and musical performances and leaders make speeches. People gather in their work groups or study groups and march to the square carrying banners and symbols supporting the Revolution. A large proportion of the population participates and supporting organisations from overseas come to join in.

Weather you are a supporter of Cuba’s politics or not, the occasion is worth seeing. Every year we have tours that include participation in this event in the Havana parade

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  • This month, we talk about : Havana Vedado

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    Vedado  is a central business district and urban neighbourhood in the city of Havana, Cuba. Vedado is a more modern part of the city than the areas to the east, developed in the first half of the 20th century, during the Republic period. In 2016 it was described by one commentator as the city’s “most affluent” section. The main street running east to west is Calle 23, also known as “La Rampa”. The northern edge of the district is the waterfront seawall known as the Malecón, a famous and popular place for social gatherings in the city.




    Events in Cuba