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21 June 2019

Havana Vedado

Three Things You Need to Know About Havana Vedado

Thinking of going on an exciting adventure to a place where you have never been? Havana Vedado is the perfect destination for you and there is a lot that you can discover there. Havana is the capital city of Cuba, also known as “La Habana.” Havana itself attracts over a million tourists every year because of it’s rich history and culture.

Forbidden Neighborhood

Vedado is Cuba’s central business district and also an urban neighborhood that is located in the capital city of Cuba. Many companies in Cuba have their headquarters in this area as well.

This neighborhood is the most beautiful one in all of Cuba, which is why it is called the forbidden neighborhood. The streets are perfectly lined with trees and majestic homes of the high class Cubans. It is Cuba’s most prestigious location and is filled with casinos, restaurants, and commercial centers as well. Hotel Habana Libre, Hotel Presidente, and the Habana Riviera are all luxurious hotels that are located in Vedado.

Havana Vedado

You are welcome to visit Vedado

As a tourist, you will find Vedado to be an interesting place to visit. The Museo de Artes Decorativas is a museum that you can visit that is very inspirational. Cuba’s tallest building called Focsa, is also open for tourists to visit. The very top floor has a bar/restaurant where you can enjoy spectacular views of Havana.

Calle 23 is Vedado’s main avenue where a lot of toursits stop to eat a big bowl of ice cream at Coppelia, which is a famous ice cream parlor in Havana.

Vedado has the best nightlife in Cuba

Tourists who have been there call the nightlife in Vedado “electric.” There are clubs located in Vedado that have live rock’n’roll like the Yellow Submarine where tourists can learn to dance and enjoy company with their friends. La Zorra y el Cuevro is another club whose specialty is jazz. A tourist favorite is the Cabaret Parisien, which is a restaurant that provides live quality entertainment as tourists enjoy their meals.

All of this and more are reasons why you should visit Havana Vedado. It will be a great adventure for you and your friends to get to enjoy the prestige of this beautiful city.

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    Vedado  is a central business district and urban neighbourhood in the city of Havana, Cuba. Vedado is a more modern part of the city than the areas to the east, developed in the first half of the 20th century, during the Republic period. In 2016 it was described by one commentator as the city’s “most affluent” section. The main street running east to west is Calle 23, also known as “La Rampa”. The northern edge of the district is the waterfront seawall known as the Malecón, a famous and popular place for social gatherings in the city.



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